Past Events

Past Events

GGE vs. UB Pros: $2K Freeroll Challenge

Step 1:


Go to your favorite community and create an account
from their link

Step 2:

Click here to pre-register

Event Summary

4 Comments to GGE vs. UB Pros: $2K Freeroll Challenge

  1. Folkert

    My screenname is FoBoLoUlt (not FoBooUlt)

  2. Veteran68

    Just wondering — I pre-registered back on 11/12, and got the confirmation email from GGE immediately, but nothing yet from UB. Were they supposed to validate me and let me know by now, or closer to the freeroll? Or do I just try to register after the 10th? I don’t see any indication of a ticket in the UB client either.

    • After pre-registration closes next Thurs, the restricted list is submitted and then UB will issue the tickets to the game. Registration for the game will open approx 48 hours before the freeroll.

  3. ibew481indy

    i preregistered but didn’t see a drop down bar for the forum i am wanting to represent..with that being said i would like to represent the best forum on the web SLYDAWGPOKER.plz add that to my registration thank you..

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