Reminder – GGE vs. UB Pros II Event

GGE vs. UB Pros II Event are now open for registration. To find the events on UB, please click here. You must manually register for the tournament(s). You are not automatically entered. Please try and register for these events as soon as possible.

If you are NOT able to register for the events, please let me know the below information as soon as possible either via reply to this email or to The deadline to get me this information is Friday, 8pm ET. I will submit your information in one list at this time. After this deadline, we will send in your information, however, there is no guarantee that UB will be able to be able to include your information.

UB Screenname:

UB Email Address:

Event Details:

$1,000 Freeroll – Saturday, February 26th 3pm ET

$5.50 PLUS $2,000 Cash Added – Sunday, February 27th 3pm ET
If Buyin Event’s 1st Place Player made a deposit or reload within 30 days prior to the Buyin event, player will win an additional $500! Should a UB Pro win the buyin event GGE and UB will each donate $500 ($1,000 total) to the UB Pro’s charity of choice.


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